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About the Artist

Valerie Brown is a queer, non-binary Filipino-American artist living in Texas. They graduated in 2016 with an AAS in 3-D Animation. During their time in school, they primarily focused on character design. After school, their aspiration shifted to being a freelance independent artist and they are currently working on their own artistic projects, traveling to conventions and streaming their art process on Twitch!

A lot of their inspiration is pulled from anime/manga and western cartoons. They're a huge fan of fashion subcultures and dabble in a few of them occasionally, such as Lolita. The motif for their original work is to use monster and alien girls to align with the mood of feeling out of place and uncomfortable in your own skin.

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to use this contact form below, or contact them on any of the social media platforms on the left!

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